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Our Happy Clients


Great cooperation again, We have done already several projects together and again we are very pleased. Great Job!

Chris Daengeli


They did more than I was hoping for. We provided them with a script and they turned it perfectly into an amazing visual. Thank you



I really enjoyed our collaboration, and if it get the chance I would hire again

Kristoffer Serum

Chief Marketing Officer

Working with SpikeVid was a fantastic experience! By really taking the time to listen to our requests and understand our business – The team worked hard to produce a great animated video for us.

Taylor Mathis - RBD Digital


Excellent communication and extremely patient! Thank you for a fantastic job. 

Video detailing has been outstanding and we have reached visitors we have not seen since inception in just a quarter year.

Bryan Trafic


Boost Your Conversions And Sales

First things first. Sales videos can make you a lot of money. According to research, implementing videos on your landing page can increase your conversions by 80%. We, at Spike Vid, understand that vision is the most dominant sense in the human body and therefore strive to utilize this to your sales-advantage.

Increase Your Organic Traffic

By employing videos on your landing page, users will spend a greater amount of time on your website. Thus, signaling to search engines that your site has good content. The result of this is mind-blowing! When sales videos are properly used, you’re 53 times more likely to rank first on search engines, which will lead to an increase in (free) organic traffic.

Explain Your Business In a Captivating Manner

Tired of explaining a product or service through endless amounts of text? Creating sales videos to explain your process is one of the best ways to convert a potential customer. Most businesses fail to understand the importance of video marketing. By creating a custom sales video, specifically tailored to your brand, you can gain an extra edge over your competition.


Let Us Do The Work

Our hands-on approach to creating custom-built sales videos takes the workload off your shoulders. Simply share what you desire, and we will do the rest.


Our general process consists of the following five steps:

1. Determine the style and length of your sales video.

2. Swiftly complete the purchase.

3. Download and Fill in the Questionnaire located in the section below 'Pricing' and email to info@spikevid.com to ensure we have got all the information.

4. We get to work. Depending on your package, we will either walk you through the plan first or start working on it right away.

5. Your custom sales video will be delivered in a timely manner!



Frequently Asked Questions

1How Do I Get Started?
Once you know which style and length you'd like to start with, click the 'Checkout' button of your selection. You will then be directed to our payment processing page to use Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. After purchase you can download the questionnaire from the section above, fill in as per your desire and email it to info@spikevid.com and off we go!
2How Does It Work?
Once you've placed your order and completed our questionnaire we'll move through script, voice-over, storyboard and animation in an average period of 2 or 5 weeks depending on the package. The process in a ‘done-for-you’ manner for explainer/whiteboard packages and a 'done-with-you' (an assigned Project manager will be travelling along the course with you) for premium videos.
3Is It Limited To One Video Per Customer?
No, you can order as many as you like. You can also combine multiple orders to get a longer video, so if you order 4 X 30 second packages, you may produce 1 X 120 second video or 4 x 30 second videos for example. Just let us know in the questionnaire.
4Can I Get A Longer Video?
Yes, you can order multiple 30 second packages, and can combine them into 1 video OR spread those seconds across multiple videos. Just be sure to mention it in the questionnaire how your would like to use your seconds e.g one long video or multiple short videos etc.
5What If I Don't Like The Video?
Once we deliver your first video preview, you will be able to make limitless rounds of animation changes free of charge. Changes can take place until you are satisfied with the animation.
6What If I Don't Like The Script?
Prepared Initial Script will be approved by yourself before we engage into any sort of Video Processing. Nevertheless, changes in the Initial Script can be made with an additional charges. Unless if we consider the changes as very minor.
7 Is It Really Only $399?
Yes, NO HIDDEN CHARGES, we are offering this pricing in order to build up our testimonials and portfolio examples. So hopefully you like it enough to provide a testimonial! Either way it is treated as a full service project with a dedicated team and manager.
8How Much Content Can Fit In 30 Seconds?
A 30 second script is 75 words, so we can usually fit the following sections: Problem Definition, Solution, Call To Action. But don’t worry, if you want to make your video longer during production, we can expand the length and budget with your approval.
9I Want To Talk To Someone First...
Of course! email info@spikevid.com and we will answer any questions you may have.

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